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Lets cover off Carrollton first. Carrollton is a city in west central Georgia, United States, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. It is the county seat of Carroll County, and the largest town in the county.

Carrollton has been a commercial and cultural center for Carroll and neighboring Georgia and Alabama counties, and is the home of the University of West Georgia and Southwire, the world's largest privately-owned manufacturer of wire and cable.

For outdoor recreation, several parks are located near Carrollton.  John Tanner State Park has a lake with a beach and swimming area, walking or running track, and camp grounds.

Another local favorite is McIntosh Reserve, a county-run park along the Chattahoochee River. McIntosh Reserve is named for local historic figure William McIntosh.Carrollton

Another beautiful outdoor area near Carrollton is Banning Mills, once a small mill community and now a picturesque resort and retreat.

Carrollton has a small but vibrant downtown area. Local favorite restaurants include the Corner Cafe, The Irish Bred Pub, Miller's, Camacho's, The Alley Cat, Empire Grill, Plates and Gallery Row Coffee Shop; all within walking distance of one another.

Of these, Camacho's, Irish Bred Pub, The Alley Cat, and Miller's frequently schedule bands and other events.

Adamson Square is the host to many of Carrollton's exciting events, such as the annual Mayfest which takes place in the first week of May. Another unique shop located on Adamson Square is Horton's Books & Gifts, certified as the oldest bookstore in Georgia by the American Booksellers Association.

Founded in 1892, it is also Carrollton and Carroll County's oldest business.Carrollton downtown

Among businesses near the square is The Squire Shop, formerly owned by local businessman, Charles Willis. The Squire Shop celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2008 under the currect ownership of April Harris (since 2005).

Other on-the-square businesses include Willis Jewelry Co., owned by Chuck Willis, The Law Offices of Diane Sternlieb, LLC., Merle Norman Cosmetics, Chris Cole Salon, and the law firm of Smith, Diment, & Conerly, LLP.

The community also boasts a rich theatrical tradition which is nourished by such local organizations as the University of West Georgia, the Carrollton Recreation Department, and a number of local high schools.

Types of Loan

Buying your dream car-get the best car loan

These days the dealers of car are providing the customers with various finance packages. So if you are going to make your most spending on getting your dream car, you can surely get various options to finance your car this time. Yes you can borrow the required to purchase the car of your choice in the form of loan in affordable rates. Although you will be offered to take car financing facilities from your dealer from whom you are buying your car yet you are bound to take so rather you are free to take loans from individual lender, banks, lending institutes, online lenders etc. It is generally of about two to five years. To get the right finance or the best finance firstly you need to have the loan of best rates that you can afford very easily. For that purpose you have to shop around the whole market very closely so that you don’t make any wrong decision over that purchase.

While taking car loans don’t depend fully on whatever you watch as the commercials of car loan facilities. Try to get the right concept regarding that and clear out your every confusion about car loan so that you can be a bit confident and don’t make any mistakes in selecting the source of your car finance.

The next step should be to have an exact idea of the charges you are being charged in taking car loan. It is better to calculate the annual percentage rate of the loan you are supposed to take. APR is very important as it helps to calculate the cost of loan and it also help to know your monthly payment. Attractive APR does not always seem to be affordable for you and sometimes if you get interested in getting discount on loans, remember that in that case you will have to pay extra charge for getting that facility. So don’t make any quick decision and if you find the rates of any lender are not much affordable for you, go to another lender as the rates always vary from lender to lender.

Before taking the loan facility you should also make your close vision towards the down payments and closing payments. Look into whether you’re are also paying extra or any additional payments, the main thing is that you need to get the perfect knowledge of the whole payment term of the loans.

Another important step before obtaining any best car loan facility is to have knowledge of your own credit history. Whenever you are taking a car loan you have to show a copy of your credit history to your lender so that they can make a glance on your debt ratios and that will help you to get right response of your lender to you.

The whole process is not much difficult, you just to need to know the whole matter, have discussions with various lenders, before going for any option calculate by your own and then compare that with lenders opinion. In this way it will be no more difficult deal for you to perform and thus you will probably have the best car financing.

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